docker app render

Render the Compose file for an Application Package

This command is deprecated.

It may be removed in a future Docker version. For more information, see the Docker Roadmap.


$ docker app render [APP_NAME] [--set KEY=VALUE ...] [--parameters-file PARAMETERS-FILE ...] [OPTIONS]

For example uses of this command, refer to the examples section below.


Name, shorthand Default Description
--formatter yaml Configure the output format (yaml|json)
--insecure-registries Use HTTP instead of HTTPS when pulling from/pushing to those registries
--output , -o - Output file
--parameters-file Override parameters file
--pull Pull the bundle
--set , -s Override parameter value


$ docker app render myapp.dockerapp --set key=value

Parent command

Command Description
docker app Docker Application
Command Description
docker app bundle Create a CNAB invocation image and bundle.json for the application
docker app completion Generates completion scripts for the specified shell (bash or zsh)
docker app init Initialize Docker Application definition
docker app inspect Shows metadata, parameters and a summary of the Compose file for a given application
docker app install Install an application
docker app list List the installations and their last known installation result
docker app pull Pull an application package from a registry
docker app push Push an application package to a registry
docker app render Render the Compose file for an Application Package
docker app status Get the installation status of an application
docker app uninstall Uninstall an application
docker app upgrade Upgrade an installed application
docker app validate Checks the rendered application is syntactically correct
docker app version Print version information