docker assemble build


Build a project into a container

This command is only available on Docker Enterprise Edition.

Learn more about Docker Enterprise products.

This command is experimental on the Docker client.

It should not be used in production environments.

To enable experimental features in the Docker CLI, edit the config.json and set experimental to enabled. You can go here for more information.


docker assemble build [PATH]


Name, shorthand Default Description
--label label to write into the image as KEY=VALUE
--name build image with repository NAME (default taken from project metadata)
--namespace build image within repository NAMESPACE (default no namespace)
--option , -o set an option as OPTION=VALUE
--port port to expose from container
--progress auto set type of progress (auto, plain, tty). Use plain to show container output
--push push result to registry, not local image store
--push-insecure push result to insecure (http) registry, not local image store
--tag tag image with TAG (default taken from project metadata or “latest”)
--addr docker-container://docker-assemble-backend-root backend address

Parent command

Command Description
docker assemble assemble is a high-level build tool
Command Description
docker assemble backend Manage build backend service
docker assemble build Build a project into a container
docker assemble version Print the version number of docker assemble