docker buildx bake

Build from a file


docker buildx bake [OPTIONS] [TARGET...]


Bake is a high-level build command. Each specified target will run in parallel as part of the build.

Read High-level build options with Bake guide for introduction to writing bake files.


buildx bake command may receive backwards incompatible features in the future if needed. We are looking for feedback on improving the command and extending the functionality further.


--file-fBuild definition file
--loadShorthand for --set=*.output=type=docker
--metadata-fileWrite build result metadata to the file
--no-cacheDo not use cache when building the image
--printPrint the options without building
--progressautoSet type of progress output (auto, plain, tty). Use plain to show container output
--provenanceShorthand for --set=*.attest=type=provenance
--pullAlways attempt to pull all referenced images
--pushShorthand for --set=*.output=type=registry
--sbomShorthand for --set=*.attest=type=sbom
--setOverride target value (e.g., targetpattern.key=value)


Override the configured builder instance (--builder)

Same as buildx --builder.

Specify a build definition file (-f, --file)

Use the -f / --file option to specify the build definition file to use. The file can be an HCL, JSON or Compose file. If multiple files are specified they are all read and configurations are combined.

You can pass the names of the targets to build, to build only specific target(s). The following example builds the db and webapp-release targets that are defined in the file:

group "default" {
  targets = ["db", "webapp-dev"]

target "webapp-dev" {
  dockerfile = "Dockerfile.webapp"
  tags = [""]

target "webapp-release" {
  inherits = ["webapp-dev"]
  platforms = ["linux/amd64", "linux/arm64"]

target "db" {
  dockerfile = "Dockerfile.db"
  tags = [""]
$ docker buildx bake -f db webapp-release

See the Bake file reference for more details.

Do not use cache when building the image (--no-cache)

Same as build --no-cache. Do not use cache when building the image.

Print the options without building (--print)

Prints the resulting options of the targets desired to be built, in a JSON format, without starting a build.

$ docker buildx bake -f docker-bake.hcl --print db
  "group": {
    "default": {
      "targets": [
  "target": {
    "db": {
      "context": "./",
      "dockerfile": "Dockerfile",
      "tags": [

Set type of progress output (--progress)

Same as build --progress.

Create provenance attestations (--provenance)

Same as build --provenance.

Always attempt to pull a newer version of the image (--pull)

Same as build --pull.

Create SBOM attestations (--sbom)

Same as build --sbom.

Override target configurations from command line (--set)

--set targetpattern.key[.subkey]=value

Override target configurations from command line. The pattern matching syntax is defined in

$ docker buildx bake --set target.args.mybuildarg=value
$ docker buildx bake --set target.platform=linux/arm64
$ docker buildx bake --set foo*.args.mybuildarg=value # overrides build arg for all targets starting with 'foo'
$ docker buildx bake --set *.platform=linux/arm64     # overrides platform for all targets
$ docker buildx bake --set foo*.no-cache              # bypass caching only for targets starting with 'foo'

Complete list of overridable fields:

  • args
  • cache-from
  • cache-to
  • context
  • dockerfile
  • labels
  • no-cache
  • no-cache-filter
  • output
  • platform
  • pull
  • push
  • secrets
  • ssh
  • tags
  • target