docker cluster create


Create a new Docker Cluster

This command is only available on Docker Enterprise Edition.

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$ docker cluster create [OPTIONS]


Name, shorthand Default Description
--env , -e Set environment variables
--example aws Display an example cluster declaration
--file , -f cluster.yml Cluster declaration
--name , -n Name for the cluster
--switch-context , -s Switch context after cluster create.
--dry-run Skip provisioning resources
--log-level warn Set the logging level ("trace"|"debug"|"info"|"warn"|"error"|"fatal")

Parent command

Command Description
docker cluster Docker Cluster
Command Description
docker cluster backup Backup a running cluster
docker cluster create Create a new Docker Cluster
docker cluster inspect Display detailed information about a cluster
docker cluster ls List all available clusters
docker cluster restore Restore a cluster from a backup
docker cluster rm Remove a cluster
docker cluster update Update a running cluster’s desired state
docker cluster version Print Version, Commit, and Build type