docker compose build

Build or rebuild services


docker compose build [OPTIONS] [SERVICE...]


Services are built once and then tagged, by default as project_service.

If the Compose file specifies an imageopen_in_new name, the image is tagged with that name, substituting any variables beforehand. See variable interpolationopen_in_new.

If you change a service's Dockerfile or the contents of its build directory, run docker compose build to rebuild it.


--build-argSet build-time variables for services.
--builderSet builder to use.
--compresstrueCompress the build context using gzip. DEPRECATED
--force-rmtrueAlways remove intermediate containers. DEPRECATED
--memory-mSet memory limit for the build container. Not supported by BuildKit.
--no-cacheDo not use cache when building the image
--no-rmDo not remove intermediate containers after a successful build. DEPRECATED
--paralleltrueBuild images in parallel. DEPRECATED
--progressautoSet type of ui output (auto, tty, plain, quiet)
--pullAlways attempt to pull a newer version of the image.
--pushPush service images.
--quiet-qDon't print anything to STDOUT
--sshSet SSH authentications used when building service images. (use 'default' for using your default SSH Agent)