docker context update


Update a context


$ docker context update [OPTIONS] CONTEXT

Extended description

Updates an existing context. See context create.

For example uses of this command, refer to the examples section below.


Name, shorthand Default Description
--default-stack-orchestrator deprecated
Default orchestrator for stack operations to use with this context (swarm|kubernetes|all)
--description Description of the context
--docker set the docker endpoint
--kubernetes deprecatedKubernetes
set the kubernetes endpoint


Update an existing context

$ docker context update \
    --description "some description" \
    --docker "host=tcp://myserver:2376,ca=~/ca-file,cert=~/cert-file,key=~/key-file" \

Parent command

Command Description
docker context Manage contexts
Command Description
docker context create Create a context
docker context export Export a context to a tar or kubeconfig file
docker context import Import a context from a tar or zip file
docker context inspect Display detailed information on one or more contexts
docker context ls List contexts
docker context rm Remove one or more contexts
docker context update Update a context
docker context use Set the current docker context