docker registry events


List registry events (DTR Only)

This command is only available on Docker Enterprise Edition.

Learn more about Docker Enterprise products.

This command is experimental on the Docker client.

It should not be used in production environments.

To enable experimental features in the Docker CLI, edit the config.json and set experimental to enabled. You can go here for more information.


$ docker registry events HOST | REPOSITORY [OPTIONS]

Extended description

List registry events (Only supported by Docker Trusted Registry)


Name, shorthand Default Description
--format Pretty-print output using a Go template
--limit 50 Specify the number of event results
--no-trunc Don't truncate output
--object-type Specify the type of Event target object [REPOSITORY | TAG | BLOB | MANIFEST | WEBHOOK | URI | PROMOTION | PUSH_MIRRORING | POLL_MIRRORING]
--type Specify the type of Event [CREATE | GET | DELETE | UPDATE | SEND | FAIL]

Parent command

Command Description
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Command Description
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