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Display CVEs identified in a software artifact



Refer to the options section for an overview of available OPTIONS for this command.


The docker scout cves command analyzes a software artifact for vulnerabilities. The following artifact types are supported:

  • Images
  • OCI layout directories
  • Tarball archives, as created by docker save

The tool analyzes the provided software artifact, and generates a vulnerability report.

By default, the tool expects an image reference, such as:

  • redis
  • curlimages/curl:7.87.0

If the artifact you want to analyze is an OCI directory or a tarball archive, you must use the --type flag.

For example uses of this command, refer to the examples section below.


Name, shorthand Default Description
--details Print details on default text output
--exit-code , -e Return exit code ‘2’ if vulnerabilities are detected
--format packages Output format of the generated vulnerability report: - packages: default output, plain text with vulnerabilities grouped by packages - sarif: json Sarif output
--ignore-base Filter out CVEs introduced from base image
--only-cve-id Comma separated list of CVE ids (like CVE-2021-45105) to search for
--only-fixed Filter to fixable CVEs
--only-package-type Comma separated list of package types (like apk, deb, rpm, npm, pypi, golang, etc)
--only-severity Comma separated list of severities (critical, high, medium, low, unspecified) to filter CVEs by
--only-unfixed Filter to unfixed CVEs
--output , -o Write the report to a file.
--platform Platform of image to analyze
--ref Reference to use if the provided tarball contains multiple references. Can only be used with --type archive.
--type image Type of the image to analyze. Can be one of: - image - oci-dir - archive (docker save tarball)


Display vulnerabilities grouped by package

$ docker scout cves alpine
Analyzing image alpine
    ✓ Image stored for indexing
    ✓ Indexed 18 packages
    ✓ No vulnerable package detected

Display vulnerabilities from a docker save tarball

$ docker save alpine > alpine.tar

$ docker scout cves --type archive alpine.tar
Analyzing archive alpine.tar
    ✓ Archive read
    ✓ SBOM of image already cached, 18 packages indexed
    ✓ No vulnerable package detected

Display vulnerabilities from an OCI directory

$ skopeo copy --override-os linux docker://alpine oci:alpine

$ docker scout cves --type oci-dir alpine
Analyzing OCI directory alpine
    ✓ OCI directory read
    ✓ Image stored for indexing
    ✓ Indexed 19 packages
    ✓ No vulnerable package detected

Export vulnerabilities to a SARIF JSON file

$ docker scout cves --format sarif --output alpine.sarif.json alpine
Analyzing image alpine
    ✓ SBOM of image already cached, 18 packages indexed
    ✓ No vulnerable package detected
    ✓ Report written to alpine.sarif.json

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