docker scout policy

Display the policy results of an image (experimental)

This command is experimental

Experimental features are intended for testing and feedback as their functionality or design may change between releases without warning or can be removed entirely in a future release.


docker scout policy [IMAGE | REPO]


The docker scout policy command displays the policy results of an image if there are any.


--envName of the environment to compare to.
--exit-code-eReturn exit code '2' if policies are not met.
--orgNamespace of the Docker organization
--output-oWrite the report to a file.
--platformPlatform of image to pull policy results from.


Display the policy results of an image

$ docker scout policy dockerscoutpolicy/customers-api-service:0.0.1

Compare policy results for a repository in a specific environment

$ docker scout policy dockerscoutpolicy/customers-api-service --env production

Early Access

Docker Scout secures the complete software supply chain by providing image analysis, real-time vulnerability identification, contextual remediation recommendations, and more. Now available in early access.

Learn more on the Docker Scout product pageopen_in_new.