docker scout quickview

Quick overview of an image


docker scout quickview [IMAGE|DIRECTORY|ARCHIVE]


The docker scout quickview command displays a quick overview of an image. It displays a summary of the vulnerabilities in the image and the vulnerabilities from the base image. If available it also displays base image refresh and update recommendations.

If no image is specified, the most recently built image will be used.


--envName of the environment
--orgNamespace of the Docker organization
--output-oWrite the report to a file.
--platformPlatform of image to analyze
--refReference to use if the provided tarball contains multiple references. Can only be used with --type archive.
--streamDeprecated Name of stream

Type of the image to analyze. Can be one of:

  • image
  • oci-dir
  • archive (docker save tarball)
  • fs (directory or file)


Quick overview of an image

$ docker scout quickview golang:1.19.4
    ✓ Pulled
    ✓ SBOM of image already cached, 278 packages indexed

  Your image  golang:1.19.4                          │    5C     3H     6M    63L
  Base image  buildpack-deps:bullseye-scm            │    5C     1H     3M    48L     6?
  Refreshed base image  buildpack-deps:bullseye-scm  │    0C     0H     0M    42L
                                                     │    -5     -1     -3     -6     -6
  Updated base image  buildpack-deps:sid-scm         │    0C     0H     1M    29L
                                                     │    -5     -1     -2    -19     -6

  │ Know more about vulnerabilities:
  │    docker scout cves golang:1.19.4
  │ Know more about base image update recommendations:
  │    docker scout recommendations golang:1.19.4

Quick overview of the most recently built image

$ docker scout qv

Early Access

Docker Scout secures the complete software supply chain by providing image analysis, real-time vulnerability identification, contextual remediation recommendations, and more. Now available in early access.

Learn more on the Docker Scout product pageopen_in_new.