docker secret ls

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List secrets


docker secret ls [OPTIONS]


Name, shorthand Default Description
--quiet, -q false Only display IDs

Parent command

Command Description
docker secret Manage Docker secrets
Command Description
docker secret create Create a secret from a file or STDIN as content
docker secret inspect Display detailed information on one or more secrets
docker secret ls List secrets
docker secret rm Remove one or more secrets

Extended description

Run this command on a manager node to list the secrets in the swarm.


$ docker secret ls

ID                          NAME                    CREATED                                   UPDATED
mhv17xfe3gh6xc4rij5orpfds   secret.json             2016-10-27 23:25:43.909181089 +0000 UTC   2016-10-27 23:25:43.909181089 +0000 UTC
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