docker swarm init

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Initialize a swarm


docker swarm init [OPTIONS]


Name, shorthand Default Description
--advertise-addr   Advertised address (format: <ip|interface>[:port])
--autolock false Enable manager autolocking (requiring an unlock key to start a stopped manager)
--cert-expiry 2160h0m0s Validity period for node certificates (ns|us|ms|s|m|h)
--dispatcher-heartbeat 5s Dispatcher heartbeat period (ns|us|ms|s|m|h)
--external-ca   Specifications of one or more certificate signing endpoints
--force-new-cluster false Force create a new cluster from current state
--listen-addr Listen address (format: <ip|interface>[:port])
--max-snapshots 0 Number of additional Raft snapshots to retain
--snapshot-interval 10000 Number of log entries between Raft snapshots
--task-history-limit 5 Task history retention limit

Parent command

Command Description
docker swarm Manage Swarm
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