Docker Engine 17.03 release notes




  • Update go-connections to d217f8e #28




  • Fix a concurrency issue preventing network creation #33273


  • Relabel secrets path to avoid a Permission Denied on selinux enabled systems #33236 (ref #32529
  • Fix cases where local volume were not properly relabeled if needed #33236 (ref #29428)
  • Fix an issue while upgrading if a plugin rootfs was still mounted #33236 (ref #32525)
  • Fix an issue where volume wouldn't default to the rprivate propagation mode #33236 (ref #32851)
  • Fix a panic that could occur when a volume driver could not be retrieved #33236 (ref #32347)
  • Add a warning in docker info when the overlay or overlay2 graphdriver is used on a filesystem without d_type support #33236 (ref #31290)
  • Fix an issue with backporting mount spec to older volumes #33207
  • Fix issue where a failed unmount can lead to data loss on local volume remove #33120

Swarm Mode

  • Fix a case where tasks could get killed unexpectedly #33118
  • Fix an issue preventing to deploy services if the registry cannot be reached despite the needed images being locally present #33117



Remote API (v1.27) & Client

  • Fix autoremove on older api #31692
  • Fix default network customization for a stack #31258
  • Correct CPU usage calculation in presence of offline CPUs and newer Linux #31802
  • Fix issue where service healthcheck is {} in remote API #30197


  • Update runc to 54296cf40ad8143b62dbcaa1d90e520a2136ddfe #31666
  • Ignore cgroup2 mountpoints opencontainers/runc#1266
  • Update containerd to 4ab9917febca54791c5f071a9d1f404867857fcc #31662 #31852
  • Register healtcheck service before calling restore() docker/containerd#609
  • Fix docker exec not working after unattended upgrades that reload apparmor profiles #31773
  • Fix unmounting layer without merge dir with Overlay2 #31069
  • Do not ignore "volume in use" errors when force-delete #31450

Swarm Mode




IMPORTANT: Starting with this release, Docker is on a monthly release cycle and uses a new YY.MM versioning scheme to reflect this. Two channels are available: monthly and quarterly. Any given monthly release will only receive security and bugfixes until the next monthly release is available. Quarterly releases receive security and bugfixes for 4 months after initial release. This release includes bugfixes for 1.13.1 but there are no major feature additions and the API version stays the same. Upgrading from Docker 1.13.1 to 17.03.0 is expected to be simple and low-risk.


  • Fix panic in docker stats --format #30776


  • Update various bash and zsh completion scripts #30823, #30945 and more...
  • Block obsolete socket families in default seccomp profile - mitigates unpatched kernels' CVE-2017-6074 #29076


  • Fix bug on overlay encryption keys rotation in cross-datacenter swarm #30727
  • Fix side effect panic in overlay encryption and network control plane communication failure ("No installed keys could decrypt the message") on frequent swarm leader re-election #25608
  • Several fixes around system responsiveness and datapath programming when using overlay network with external kv-store docker/libnetwork#1639, docker/libnetwork#1632 and more...
  • Discard incoming plain vxlan packets for encrypted overlay network #31170
  • Release the network attachment on allocation failure #31073
  • Fix port allocation when multiple published ports map to the same target port docker/swarmkit#1835


  • Fix a deadlock in docker logs #30223
  • Fix CPU spin waiting for log write events #31070
  • Fix a possible crash when using journald #31231 #31263
  • Fix a panic on close of nil channel #31274
  • Fix duplicate mount point for --volumes-from in docker run #29563
  • Fix --cache-from does not cache last step #31189

Swarm Mode

  • Shutdown leaks an error when the container was never started #31279
  • Fix possibility of tasks getting stuck in the "NEW" state during a leader failover docker/swarmkit#1938
  • Fix extraneous task creations for global services that led to confusing replica counts in docker service ls docker/swarmkit#1957
  • Fix problem that made rolling updates slow when task-history-limit was set to 1 docker/swarmkit#1948
  • Restart tasks elsewhere, if appropriate, when they are shut down as a result of nodes no longer satisfying constraints docker/swarmkit#1958
  • (experimental)