Docker Engine 17.04 release notes




  • Disable container logging for build containers #29552
  • Fix use of **/ in .dockerignore #29043


  • Sort docker stack ls by name #31085
  • Flags for specifying bind mount consistency #31047
  • Output of docker CLI --help is now wrapped to the terminal width #28751
  • Suppress image digest in docker ps #30848
  • Hide command options that are related to Windows #30788
  • Fix docker plugin install prompt to accept "enter" for the "N" default #30769
  • Add truncate function for Go templates #30484
  • Support expanded syntax of ports in stack deploy #30476
  • Support expanded syntax of mounts in stack deploy #30597 #31795
  • Add --add-host for docker build #30383
  • Add .CreatedAt placeholder for docker network ls --format #29900
  • Update order of --secret-rm and --secret-add #29802
  • Add --filter enabled=true for docker plugin ls #28627
  • Add --format to docker service ls #28199
  • Add publish and expose filter for docker ps --filter #27557
  • Support multiple service IDs on docker service ps #25234
  • Allow swarm join with --availability=drain #24993
  • Docker inspect now shows "docker-default" when AppArmor is enabled and no other profile was defined #27083


  • Implement optional ring buffer for container logs #28762
  • Add --log-opt awslogs-create-group=<true|false> for awslogs (CloudWatch) to support creation of log groups as needed #29504
  • Fix segfault when using the gcplogs logging driver with a "static" binary #29478


  • Check parameter --ip, --ip6 and --link-local-ip in docker network connect #30807
  • Added support for dns-search #30117
  • Added --verbose option for docker network inspect to show task details from all swarm nodes #31710
  • Add anonymous container alias to service record on attachable network docker/libnetwork#1651
  • Support for driver label docker/libnetwork#1667
  • Improve network list performance by omitting network details that are not used #30673


  • Handle paused container when restoring without live-restore set #31704
  • Do not allow sub second in healthcheck options in Dockerfile #31177
  • Support name and id prefix in secret update #30856
  • Use binary frame for websocket attach endpoint #30460
  • Fix linux mount calls not applying propagation type changes #30416
  • Fix ExecIds leak on failed exec -i #30340
  • Prune named but untagged images if danglingOnly=true #30330
  • Add daemon flag to set no_new_priv as default for unprivileged containers #29984
  • Add daemon option --default-shm-size #29692
  • Support registry mirror config reload #29650
  • Ignore the daemon log config when building images #29552
  • Move secret name or ID prefix resolving from client to daemon #29218
  • Allow adding rules to cgroup devices.allow on container create/run #22563
  • Fix cpu.cfs_quota_us being reset when running systemd daemon-reload #31736

Swarm Mode

  • Add Service logs formatting #31672
  • Fix service logs API to be able to specify stream #31313
  • Add --stop-signal for service create and service update #30754
  • Add --read-only for service create and service update #30162
  • Renew the context after communicating with the registry #31586
  • (experimental) Add --tail and --since options to docker service logs #31500
  • (experimental) Add --no-task-ids and --no-trunc options to docker service logs #31672


  • Block pulling Windows images on non-Windows daemons #29001