Docker Engine 17.07 release notes



API & Client

  • Add support for proxy configuration in config.json docker/cli#93
  • Enable pprof/debug endpoints by default moby/moby#32453
  • Passwords can now be passed using STDIN using the new --password-stdin flag on docker login docker/cli#271
  • Add --detach to docker scale docker/cli#243
  • Prevent docker logs --no-stream from hanging due to non-existing containers moby/moby#34004
  • Fix docker stack ps printing error to stdout instead of stderr docker/cli#298
  • Fix progress bar being stuck on docker service create if an error occurs during deploy docker/cli#259
  • Improve presentation of progress bars in interactive mode docker/cli#260 docker/cli#237
  • Print a warning if docker login --password is used, and recommend --password-stdin docker/cli#270
  • Make API version negotiation more robust moby/moby#33827
  • Hide --detach when connected to daemons older than Docker 17.05 docker/cli#219
  • Add scope filter in GET /networks/(id or name) moby/moby#33630




Swarm mode