Docker Engine 17.10 release notes



Important: Starting with this release, docker service create, docker service update, docker service scale and docker service rollback use non-detached mode as default, use --detach to keep the old behaviour.


  • Reset uid/gid to 0 in uploaded build context to share build cache with other clients docker/cli#513


  • Fix loader error with different build syntax in docker stack deploy docker/cli#544
  • Change the default output format for docker container stats to show CONTAINER ID and NAME docker/cli#565



  • Fixing ‘docker cp’ to allow new target file name in a host symlinked directory moby/moby#31993

Swarm mode

  • Produce an error if docker swarm init --force-new-cluster is executed on worker nodes moby/moby#34881
  • Add support for .Node.Hostname templating in swarm services moby/moby#34686