Docker EE 17.03 release notes

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This document describes the latest changes, additions, known issues, and fixes for Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE).

Docker EE is functionally equivalent to the corresponding Docker CE that it references. However, Docker EE also includes back-ported fixes (security-related and priority defects) from the open source. It incorporates defect fixes that you can use in environments where new features cannot be adopted as quickly for consistency and compatibility reasons.

Docker EE 17.03.2-ee-7


Docker EE 17.03.2-ee-6


Docker EE 17.03.2-ee-5

(20 Jul 2017)

  • Add more locking to storage drivers #31136
  • Prevent data race on docker network connect/disconnect #33456
  • Improve service discovery reliability #1796 #18078
  • Fix resource leak in swarm mode #2215
  • Optimize docker system df for volumes on NFS #33620
  • Fix validation bug with host-mode ports in swarm mode #2177
  • Fix potential crash in swarm mode #2268
  • Improve network control-plane reliability #1704
  • Do not error out when selinux relabeling is not supported on volume filesystem #33831
  • Remove debugging code for aufs ebusy errors #31665
  • Prevent resource leak on healthchecks #33781
  • Fix issue where containerd supervisor may exit prematurely #32590
  • Fix potential containerd crash #2
  • Ensure server details are set in client even when an error is returned #33827
  • Fix issue where slow/dead docker logs clients can block the container #33897
  • Fix potential panic on Windows when running as a service #32244

Docker EE 17.03.2-ee-4

(01 Jun 2017)

Refer to the detailed list of all changes since the release of Docker EE 17.03.1-ee-3

Note: This release includes a fix for potential data loss under certain circumstances with the local (built-in) volume driver.

Docker EE 17.03.1-ee-3

(30 Mar 2017)

  • Fix an issue with the SELinux policy for Oracle Linux #31501

Docker EE 17.03.1-ee-2

(28 Mar 2017)

Refer to the detailed list of all changes since the release of Docker EE 17.03.0-ee-1

Docker EE 17.03.0-ee-1

(2 Mar 2017)

Initial Docker EE release, based on Docker CE 17.03.0

  • Optimize size calculation for docker system df container size #31159
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