Educational resources

Docker and the broader community of Docker experts have put together many different ways to get further training and hands-on experience with Docker. Expand your understanding of Docker and Kubernetes with these additional free and paid resources.

Docker Training

Expand your knowledge on all things Docker with basic to advanced trainings from Docker experts.

You can find recorded content at your own convenience, or register for a live session to participate in Q&A.

Hosted labs

These self-paced and hands-on workshops use a free, hosted environment ( Play with Kubernetes) that doesn't require any installation. Follow along and learn more about Kubernetes.

* Labs are free but require registration with a Docker ID.

Self-guided tutorials

Created by experts in the Docker community, these free tutorials provide guided step-by-step workflows for working with the Docker platform.


If books are your preferred learning style, check out these written by the Docker Captains. Docker Captain is a distinction that Docker awards to select members of the community that are both experts in their field and are committed to sharing their Docker knowledge with others.

CLI cheat sheet

The Docker CLI cheat sheet features the common Docker CLI commands for easy reference. It covers working with Images, Containers, Docker Hub, and other general purpose commands.

Self-Paced online learning

A number of Docker Captains have also created video courses on Docker and Kubernetes.

  • Bret Fisher: Docker Mastery, Docker Swarm Mastery, Docker Mastery for Node.js Projects
  • Elton Stoneman: Docker for .NET Apps - on Linux and Windows. Includes the discount code 644ABCBC33F474541885.
  • Nick Janetakis Dive into Docker, Docker for DevOps
  • Nigel Poulton: Kubernetes 101, Getting Started with Kubernetes, Docker and Kubernetes: The Big Picture, Kubernetes Deep Dive, Docker Deep Dive
  • Arun Gupta: Docker for Java Developers
  • Ajeet Singh Raina: Docker and Kubernetes Labs
  • [French] Luc Juggery: Introduction to Kubernetes, The Docker Platform

* Many of the courses are fee-based

Community-translated docs


The following section contains a subset of Docker docs that are translated by community members. This is not an officially translated version of Docker docs and it may not be up to date. You must use the community-translated docs at your own discretion.