Natural language processing guides

The natural language processing (NLP) guides teach you how to build and run NLP applications. NLP applications can interpret and generate human language, both spoken and written. This is a natural language, as opposed to a formal or artificial one. NLP is a part of artificial intelligence (AI) and has a long history that goes back to the origins of linguistics.


These NLP guides are community contributions. Docker would like to thank Harsh Manvar for his contribution to the NLP guides.

Select one of the guides to get started:

  • Language translation: Automatically translate text or speech from one language to another.
  • Named entity recognition: Identify and extract specific entities or phrases from text, such as person names, locations, organizations, dates, etc., and classify them into predefined categories.
  • Sentiment analysis: Identify and extract emotions, opinions, and attitudes from text or speech.
  • Text classification: Assign a label or category to a text document or a segment of text, based on its content or context.
  • Text summarization: Create a concise and informative summary of a longer text.