Publish your image

Follow this walkthrough to learn how to publish and share your images on Docker Hub.

Before you start, get the latest version of Docker Desktop. Docker adds new features regularly and some parts of this guide may work only with the latest version of Docker Desktop.

Step 1: Get the example image

To get the example image:

  1. In Docker Desktop, select the search bar.
  2. In the search bar, specify docker/welcome-to-docker.
  3. Select Pull to pull the image from Docker Hub to your computer.
Search Docker Desktop for the welcome-to-docker image

Step 2: Sign in to Docker

Select Sign in on the top-right of Docker Desktop to either sign in or create a new Docker account.

Signing in to Docker Desktop

Step 3: Rename your image

Before you can publish your image, you need to rename it so that Docker Hub knows that the image is yours. In a terminal, run the following command to rename your image. Replace YOUR-USERNAME with your Docker ID.


To run Docker commands, you must use a terminal. Based on your operating system, you can open a terminal by doing the following:

For Windows, select the Start Menu, specify cmd, and then select Command Prompt.

For Mac, select the Launchpad icon in the Dock, specify Terminal in the search field, then select Terminal.

$ docker tag docker/welcome-to-docker YOUR-USERNAME/welcome-to-docker

Step 4: Push your image to Docker Hub

To push your image to Docker Hub:

  1. In Docker Desktop, go to the Images tab
  2. In the Actions column for your image, select the Show image actions icon.
  3. Select Push to Hub.
Pushing an image to Docker Hub

Go to Docker Hub⁠ and verify that the list of your repositories now contains YOUR-USERNAME/welcome-to-docker.


In this walkthrough, you pushed and shared an image on Docker Hub.

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