Run Docker Hub images

You can share and store images in Docker Hub ( http://hub.docker.comopen_in_new). Docker Hub has over 100,000 images created by developers that you can run locally. You can search for Docker Hub images and run them directly from Docker Desktop.

Before you start, get Docker Desktop.

Step 1: Search for the image

You can search for Docker Hub images on Docker Desktop. To search for the image used in this walkthrough:

  1. Open Docker Desktop and select the search.
  2. Specify docker/welcome-to-docker in the search.
Search Docker Desktop for the welcome-to-docker image

Step 2: Run the image

To run the docker/welcome-to-docker image:

  1. After finding the image using search, select Run.
  2. Expand the Optional settings.
  3. In Host port, specify 8090.
    Specifying host port 8090
  4. Select Run.


Many images hosted on Docker Hub have a description that highlights what settings must be set in order to run them. You can read the description for the image on Docker Hub by selecting the image name in the search or by searching for the image directly on https://hub.docker.comopen_in_new.

Step 3: Explore the container

That's it! The container is ready to use. Go to the Containers tab in Docker Desktop to view the container.

Viewing the Containers tab in Docker Desktop


In this walkthrough, you searched for an image on Docker Hub and ran it as a container. Docker Hub has over 100,000 more images that you can use to help build your own application.

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