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The Docker platform is comprised of a family of tools and products. After learning the general principles of the Docker workflow under Guides, you can find the documentation for these tools and products here.


Commercial Docker products that turn your container-based solution into a production-ready application.

Product Description
Docker Cloud Manages multi-container applications and host resources running on a cloud provider (such as Amazon Web Services)
Universal Control Plane (UCP) Manages multi-container applications on a custom host installation (on-premise, on a cloud provider)
Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) Runs a private repository of container images and makes them available to a UCP instance
Docker Store Public, Docker-hosted registry that distributes free and paid images from various publishers
CS Docker Engine The commercially-supported version of Docker that excludes experimental features and includes customer support


Free downloadables that help your device use Docker containers.

Tool Description
Docker for Mac Docker desktop solution that includes everything a developer needs to create and test applications on a Mac
Docker for Windows Docker desktop solution that includes everything a developer needs to create and test applications on a Windows system
Docker for Linux Installation guides for running Docker on all supported Linux distros.
Docker Compose Enables you to define, build, and run multi-container applications
Docker Machine Enables you to provision and manage Dockerized hosts.
Docker Notary Allows the signing of container images to enable Docker Content Trust
Docker Registry The software that powers Docker Hub and Docker Store, Registry stores and distributes container images

Superseded products and tools

  • Docker Hub - Superseded by Docker Store and Docker Cloud
  • Docker Swarm - Functionality folded directly into native Docker, no longer a standalone tool
  • Docker Toolbox - Superseded by Docker for Mac and Windows
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