DescriptionThe base command for the Docker CLI.


The base command for the Docker CLI.


--config/root/.dockerLocation of client config files
-c, --contextName of the context to use to connect to the daemon (overrides DOCKER_HOST env var and default context set with docker context use)
-D, --debugEnable debug mode
-H, --hostDaemon socket to connect to
-l, --log-levelinfoSet the logging level (debug, info, warn, error, fatal)
--tlsUse TLS; implied by --tlsverify
--tlscacert/root/.docker/ca.pemTrust certs signed only by this CA
--tlscert/root/.docker/cert.pemPath to TLS certificate file
--tlskey/root/.docker/key.pemPath to TLS key file
--tlsverifyUse TLS and verify the remote


docker builderManage builds
docker buildxDocker Buildx
docker checkpointManage checkpoints
docker composeDocker Compose
docker configManage Swarm configs
docker containerManage containers
docker contextManage contexts
docker debugGet a shell into any container or image. An alternative to debugging with `docker exec`.
docker imageManage images
docker initCreates Docker-related starter files for your project
docker inspectReturn low-level information on Docker objects
docker loginLog in to a registry
docker logoutLog out from a registry
docker manifestManage Docker image manifests and manifest lists
docker networkManage networks
docker nodeManage Swarm nodes
docker pluginManage plugins
docker scoutCommand line tool for Docker Scout
docker searchSearch Docker Hub for images
docker secretManage Swarm secrets
docker serviceManage Swarm services
docker stackManage Swarm stacks
docker swarmManage Swarm
docker systemManage Docker
docker trustManage trust on Docker images
docker versionShow the Docker version information
docker volumeManage volumes