docker buildx imagetools create

DescriptionCreate a new image based on source images
Usagedocker buildx imagetools create [OPTIONS] [SOURCE] [SOURCE...]


Create a new manifest list based on source manifests. The source manifests can be manifest lists or single platform distribution manifests and must already exist in the registry where the new manifest is created. If only one source is specified, create performs a carbon copy.


--annotationAdd annotation to the image
--appendAppend to existing manifest
--dry-runShow final image instead of pushing
-f, --fileRead source descriptor from file
--progressautoSet type of progress output (auto, plain, tty). Use plain to show container output
-t, --tagSet reference for new image


Add annotations to an image (--annotation)

The --annotation flag lets you add annotations the image index, manifest, and descriptors when creating a new image.

The following command creates a foo/bar:latest image with the org.opencontainers.image.authors annotation on the image index.

$ docker buildx imagetools create \
  --annotation "index:org.opencontainers.image.authors=dvdksn" \
  --tag foo/bar:latest \
  foo/bar:alpha foo/bar:beta foo/bar:gamma


The imagetools create command supports adding annotations to the image index and descriptor, using the following type prefixes:

  • index:
  • manifest-descriptor:

It doesn't support annotating manifests or OCI layouts.

For more information about annotations, see Annotations.

Append new sources to an existing manifest list (--append)

Use the --append flag to append the new sources to an existing manifest list in the destination.

Override the configured builder instance (--builder)

Same as buildx --builder.

Show final image instead of pushing (--dry-run)

Use the --dry-run flag to not push the image, just show it.

Read source descriptor from a file (-f, --file)

-f FILE or --file FILE

Reads source from files. A source can be a manifest digest, manifest reference, or a JSON of OCI descriptor object.

In order to define annotations or additional platform properties like os.version and os.features you need to add them in the OCI descriptor object encoded in JSON.

$ docker buildx imagetools inspect --raw alpine | jq '.manifests[0] | .platform."os.version"="10.1"' > descr.json
$ docker buildx imagetools create -f descr.json myuser/image

The descriptor in the file is merged with existing descriptor in the registry if it exists.

The supported fields for the descriptor are defined in OCI spec .

Set reference for new image (-t, --tag)

-t IMAGE or --tag IMAGE

Use the -t or --tag flag to set the name of the image to be created.

$ docker buildx imagetools create --dry-run alpine@sha256:5c40b3c27b9f13c873fefb2139765c56ce97fd50230f1f2d5c91e55dec171907 sha256:c4ba6347b0e4258ce6a6de2401619316f982b7bcc529f73d2a410d0097730204
$ docker buildx imagetools create -t tonistiigi/myapp -f image1 -f image2