docker buildx prune

DescriptionRemove build cache
Usagedocker buildx prune


Clears the build cache of the selected builder.

You can finely control what cache data is kept using:

  • The --filter=until=<duration> flag to keep images that have been used in the last <duration> time.

    <duration> is a duration string, e.g. 24h or 2h30m, with allowable units of (h)ours, (m)inutes and (s)econds.

  • The --keep-storage=<size> flag to keep <size> bytes of data in the cache.

    <size> is a human-readable memory string, e.g. 128mb, 2gb, etc. Units are case-insensitive.

  • The --all flag to allow clearing internal helper images and frontend images set using the #syntax= directive or the BUILDKIT_SYNTAX build argument.


-a, --allInclude internal/frontend images
--filterProvide filter values (e.g., until=24h)
-f, --forceDo not prompt for confirmation
--keep-storageAmount of disk space to keep for cache
--verboseProvide a more verbose output


Override the configured builder instance (--builder)

Same as buildx --builder.