docker compose config

DescriptionParse, resolve and render compose file in canonical format
Usagedocker compose config [OPTIONS] [SERVICE...]
docker compose convert


docker compose config renders the actual data model to be applied on the Docker Engine. It merges the Compose files set by -f flags, resolves variables in the Compose file, and expands short-notation into the canonical format.


--environmentPrint environment used for interpolation.
--formatyamlFormat the output. Values: [yaml | json]
--hashPrint the service config hash, one per line.
--imagesPrint the image names, one per line.
--no-consistencyDon't check model consistency - warning: may produce invalid Compose output
--no-interpolateDon't interpolate environment variables
--no-normalizeDon't normalize compose model
--no-path-resolutionDon't resolve file paths
-o, --outputSave to file (default to stdout)
--profilesPrint the profile names, one per line.
-q, --quietOnly validate the configuration, don't print anything
--resolve-image-digestsPin image tags to digests
--servicesPrint the service names, one per line.
--variablesPrint model variables and default values.
--volumesPrint the volume names, one per line.