docker config inspect

DescriptionDisplay detailed information on one or more configs
Usagedocker config inspect [OPTIONS] CONFIG [CONFIG...]

Swarm This command works with the Swarm orchestrator.


Inspects the specified config.

By default, this renders all results in a JSON array. If a format is specified, the given template will be executed for each result.

Go's text/template package describes all the details of the format.

For detailed information about using configs, refer to store configuration data using Docker Configs.


This is a cluster management command, and must be executed on a Swarm manager node. To learn about managers and workers, refer to the Swarm mode section in the documentation.


-f, --formatFormat output using a custom template:
'json': Print in JSON format
'TEMPLATE': Print output using the given Go template.
Refer to for more information about formatting output with templates
--prettyPrint the information in a human friendly format


Inspect a config by name or ID

You can inspect a config, either by its name, or ID

For example, given the following config:

$ docker config ls

ID                          NAME                CREATED             UPDATED
eo7jnzguqgtpdah3cm5srfb97   my_config           3 minutes ago       3 minutes ago
$ docker config inspect config.json

The output is in JSON format, for example:

    "ID": "eo7jnzguqgtpdah3cm5srfb97",
    "Version": {
      "Index": 17
    "CreatedAt": "2017-03-24T08:15:09.735271783Z",
    "UpdatedAt": "2017-03-24T08:15:09.735271783Z",
    "Spec": {
      "Name": "my_config",
      "Labels": {
        "env": "dev",
        "rev": "20170324"
      "Data": "aGVsbG8K"

Format the output (--format)

You can use the --format option to obtain specific information about a config. The following example command outputs the creation time of the config.

$ docker config inspect --format='{{.CreatedAt}}' eo7jnzguqgtpdah3cm5srfb97

2017-03-24 08:15:09.735271783 +0000 UTC