docker node rm

DescriptionRemove one or more nodes from the swarm
Usagedocker node rm [OPTIONS] NODE [NODE...]
docker node remove

Swarm This command works with the Swarm orchestrator.


Removes the specified nodes from a swarm.


This is a cluster management command, and must be executed on a swarm manager node. To learn about managers and workers, refer to the Swarm mode section in the documentation.


-f, --forceForce remove a node from the swarm


Remove a stopped node from the swarm

$ docker node rm swarm-node-02

Node swarm-node-02 removed from swarm

Attempt to remove a running node from a swarm

Removes the specified nodes from the swarm, but only if the nodes are in the down state. If you attempt to remove an active node you will receive an error:

$ docker node rm swarm-node-03

Error response from daemon: rpc error: code = 9 desc = node swarm-node-03 is not
down and can't be removed

Forcibly remove an inaccessible node from a swarm (--force)

If you lose access to a worker node or need to shut it down because it has been compromised or is not behaving as expected, you can use the --force option. This may cause transient errors or interruptions, depending on the type of task being run on the node.

$ docker node rm --force swarm-node-03

Node swarm-node-03 removed from swarm

A manager node must be demoted to a worker node (using docker node demote) before you can remove it from the swarm.