docker scout

DescriptionCommand line tool for Docker Scout
Usagedocker scout [command]


Command line tool for Docker Scout


docker scout attestationManage attestations on image indexes
docker scout cacheManage Docker Scout cache and temporary files
docker scout compareCompare two images and display differences (experimental)
docker scout configManage Docker Scout configuration
docker scout cvesDisplay CVEs identified in a software artifact
docker scout enrollEnroll an organization with Docker Scout
docker scout environmentManage environments (experimental)
docker scout integrationCommands to list, configure, and delete Docker Scout integrations
docker scout policyEvaluate policies against an image and display the policy evaluation results (experimental)
docker scout pushPush an image or image index to Docker Scout (experimental)
docker scout quickviewQuick overview of an image
docker scout recommendationsDisplay available base image updates and remediation recommendations
docker scout repoCommands to list, enable, and disable Docker Scout on repositories
docker scout sbomGenerate or display SBOM of an image
docker scout streamManage streams (experimental)
docker scout versionShow Docker Scout version information
docker scout watchWatch repositories in a registry and push images and indexes to Docker Scout (experimental)