docker scout cache df

DescriptionShow Docker Scout disk usage
Usagedocker scout cache df


Docker Scout uses a temporary cache storage for generating image SBOMs. The cache helps avoid regenerating or fetching resources unnecessarily.

This docker scout cache df command shows the cached data on the host. Each cache entry is identified by the digest of the image.

You can use the docker scout cache prune command to delete cache data at any time.


List temporary and cache files

$ docker scout cache df
Docker Scout temporary directory to generate SBOMs is located at:
   this path can be configured using the DOCKER_SCOUT_CACHE_DIR environment variable

                               Image Digest                               │ Size
  sha256:c41ab5c992deb4fe7e5da09f67a8804a46bd0592bfdf0b1847dde0e0889d2bff │ 21 kB

Total: 21 kB

Docker Scout cached SBOMs are located at:

                               Image Digest                               │ Size of SBOM
  sha256:02bb6f428431fbc2809c5d1b41eab5a68350194fb508869a33cb1af4444c9b11 │ 42 kB
  sha256:03fc002fe4f370463a8f04d3a288cdffa861e462fc8b5be44ab62b296ad95183 │ 100 kB
  sha256:088134dd33e4a2997480a1488a41c11abebda465da5cf7f305a0ecf8ed494329 │ 194 kB
  sha256:0b80b2f17aff7ee5bfb135c69d0d6fe34070e89042b7aac73d1abcc79cfe6759 │ 852 kB
  sha256:0c9e8abe31a5f17d84d5c85d3853d2f948a4f126421e89e68753591f1b6fedc5 │ 930 kB
  sha256:0d49cae0723c8d310e413736b5e91e0c59b605ade2546f6e6ef8f1f3ddc76066 │ 510 kB
  sha256:0ef04748d071c2e631bb3edce8f805cb5512e746b682c83fdae6d8c0b243280b │ 1.0 MB
  sha256:13fd22925b638bb7d2131914bb8f8b0f5f582bee364aec682d9e7fe722bb486a │ 42 kB
  sha256:174c41d4fbc7f63e1f2bb7d2f7837318050406f2f27e5073a84a84f18b48b883 │ 115 kB

Total: 4 MB