docker scout policy

DescriptionEvaluate policies against an image and display the policy evaluation results (experimental)
Usagedocker scout policy [IMAGE | REPO]

This command is experimental

Experimental features are intended for testing and feedback as their functionality or design may change between releases without warning or can be removed entirely in a future release.


The docker scout policy command evaluates policies against an image. The image analysis is uploaded to Docker Scout where policies get evaluated.

The policy evaluation results may take a few minutes to become available.


-e, --exit-codeReturn exit code '2' if policies are not met, '0' otherwise
--orgNamespace of the Docker organization
-o, --outputWrite the report to a file
--platformPlatform of image to pull policy results from
--to-envName of the environment to compare to
--to-latestLatest image processed to compare to


Evaluate policies against an image and display the results

$ docker scout policy dockerscoutpolicy/customers-api-service:0.0.1

Evaluate policies against an image for a specific organization

$ docker scout policy dockerscoutpolicy/customers-api-service:0.0.1 --org dockerscoutpolicy

Evaluate policies against an image with a specific platform

$ docker scout policy dockerscoutpolicy/customers-api-service:0.0.1 --platform linux/amd64

Compare policy results for a repository in a specific environment

$ docker scout policy dockerscoutpolicy/customers-api-service --to-env production