docker scout watch

DescriptionWatch repositories in a registry and push images and indexes to Docker Scout (experimental)
Usagedocker scout watch

This command is experimental

Experimental features are intended for testing and feedback as their functionality or design may change between releases without warning or can be removed entirely in a future release.


The docker scout watch command watches repositories in a registry and pushes images or analysis results to Docker Scout.


--all-imagesPush all images instead of only the ones pushed during the watch command is running
--dry-runWatch images and prepare them, but do not push them
--interval60Interval in seconds between checks
--orgNamespace of the Docker organization to which image will be pushed
--refresh-registryRefresh the list of repositories of a registry at every run. Only with --registry.
--registryRegistry to watch
--repositoryRepository to watch
--sbomtrueCreate and upload SBOMs
--tagRegular expression to match tags to watch
--workers3Number of concurrent workers


Watch for new images from two repositories and push them

$ docker scout watch --org my-org --repository --repository

Only push images with a specific tag

$ docker scout watch --org my-org --repository --tag latest

Watch all repositories of a registry

$ docker scout watch --org my-org --registry

Push all images and not just the new ones

$ docker scout watch--org my-org --repository --all-images