docker system df

DescriptionShow docker disk usage
Usagedocker system df [OPTIONS]


The docker system df command displays information regarding the amount of disk space used by the Docker daemon.


--formatFormat output using a custom template:
'table': Print output in table format with column headers (default)
'table TEMPLATE': Print output in table format using the given Go template
'json': Print in JSON format
'TEMPLATE': Print output using the given Go template.
Refer to for more information about formatting output with templates
-v, --verboseShow detailed information on space usage


By default the command displays a summary of the data used:

$ docker system df

TYPE                TOTAL               ACTIVE              SIZE                RECLAIMABLE
Images              5                   2                   16.43 MB            11.63 MB (70%)
Containers          2                   0                   212 B               212 B (100%)
Local Volumes       2                   1                   36 B                0 B (0%)

Use the -v, --verbose flag to get more detailed information:

$ docker system df -v

Images space usage:

REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE                SHARED SIZE         UNIQUE SIZE         CONTAINERS
my-curl             latest              b2789dd875bf        6 minutes ago       11 MB               11 MB               5 B                 0
my-jq               latest              ae67841be6d0        6 minutes ago       9.623 MB            8.991 MB            632.1 kB            0
<none>              <none>              a0971c4015c1        6 minutes ago       11 MB               11 MB               0 B                 0
alpine              latest              4e38e38c8ce0        9 weeks ago         4.799 MB            0 B                 4.799 MB            1
alpine              3.3                 47cf20d8c26c        9 weeks ago         4.797 MB            4.797 MB            0 B                 1

Containers space usage:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND             LOCAL VOLUMES       SIZE                CREATED             STATUS                      NAMES
4a7f7eebae0f        alpine:latest       "sh"                1                   0 B                 16 minutes ago      Exited (0) 5 minutes ago    hopeful_yalow
f98f9c2aa1ea        alpine:3.3          "sh"                1                   212 B               16 minutes ago      Exited (0) 48 seconds ago   anon-vol

Local Volumes space usage:

NAME                                                               LINKS               SIZE
07c7bdf3e34ab76d921894c2b834f073721fccfbbcba792aa7648e3a7a664c2e   2                   36 B
my-named-vol                                                       0                   0 B
  • SHARED SIZE is the amount of space that an image shares with another one (i.e. their common data)
  • UNIQUE SIZE is the amount of space that's only used by a given image
  • SIZE is the virtual size of the image, it's the sum of SHARED SIZE and UNIQUE SIZE


Network information isn't shown, because it doesn't consume disk space.