docker volume prune

DescriptionRemove unused local volumes
Usagedocker volume prune [OPTIONS]


Remove all unused local volumes. Unused local volumes are those which are not referenced by any containers. By default, it only removes anonymous volumes.


-a, --allAPI 1.42+ Remove all unused volumes, not just anonymous ones
--filterProvide filter values (e.g. label=<label>)
-f, --forceDo not prompt for confirmation


$ docker volume prune

WARNING! This will remove anonymous local volumes not used by at least one container.
Are you sure you want to continue? [y/N] y
Deleted Volumes:

Total reclaimed space: 36 B

Filtering (--all, -a)

Use the --all flag to prune both unused anonymous and named volumes.

Filtering (--filter)

The filtering flag (--filter) format is of "key=value". If there is more than one filter, then pass multiple flags (e.g., --filter "foo=bar" --filter "bif=baz")

The currently supported filters are:

  • label (label=<key>, label=<key>=<value>, label!=<key>, or label!=<key>=<value>) - only remove volumes with (or without, in case label!=... is used) the specified labels.

The label filter accepts two formats. One is the label=... (label=<key> or label=<key>=<value>), which removes volumes with the specified labels. The other format is the label!=... (label!=<key> or label!=<key>=<value>), which removes volumes without the specified labels.