Google Cloud Storage driver

This page contains information about hosting your own registry using the open source Docker Registry. For information about Docker Hub, which offers a hosted registry with additional features such as teams, organizations, web hooks, automated builds, etc, see Docker Hub.

An implementation of the storagedriver.StorageDriver interface which uses Google Cloud for object storage.


Parameter Required Description
bucket yes The name of your Google Cloud Storage bucket where you wish to store objects (needs to already be created prior to driver initialization).
keyfile no A private service account key file in JSON format used for Service Account Authentication.
rootdirectory no The root directory tree in which all registry files are stored. Defaults to the empty string (bucket root). If a prefix is used, the path bucketname/<prefix> has to be pre-created before starting the registry. The prefix is applied to all Google Cloud Storage keys to allow you to segment data in your bucket if necessary.
chunksize no (default 5242880) This is the chunk size used for uploading large blobs, must be a multiple of 256*1024.

Note: Instead of a key file you can use Google Application Default Credentials.