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Official Mageia base image

GitHub repo:

Library reference

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Quick reference

What is Mageia?

Mageia is a GNU/Linux-based, Free Software operating system. It is a community project, supported by a non-profit organisation of elected contributors.


Our mission: to build great tools for people.

Further than just delivering a secure, stable and sustainable operating system, the goal is to set up a stable and trustable governance to direct collaborative projects.

To date, Mageia:

How to use this image

Create a Dockerfile for your container

FROM mageia:6
MAINTAINER  "Foo Bar" <>
CMD [ "bash" ]

Installed packages

The images include the following packages:

  • basesystem-minimal
  • dnf (Mageia 6+)
  • locales
  • locales-en
  • urpmi
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