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This project contains the stable releases of the openSUSE distribution.

GitHub repo:

Library reference

This content is imported from the official Docker Library docs, and is provided by the original uploader. You can view the Docker Hub page for this image at


This image has been deprecated in favor of the opensuse/leap and opensuse/tumbleweed images provided and maintained by the openSUSE Project release team.

opensuse:42.3 (= opensuse:latest) will receive security relevant fixes until the EOL of Leap 42.3. Newer openSUSE Leap releases such as 15.x are only available at opensuse/leap.

The opensuse:tumbleweed image is no longer updated, please use opensuse/tumbleweed instead. opensuse/tumbleweed is updated on every snapshot release.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

Quick reference


This project contains the stable releases of the openSUSE distribution.

Naming conventions

Each image is tagged using both the release number (eg “13.1”) and the code name (eg “Bottle”). The latest stable release is always available using the “latest” tag.


These images are generated using KIWI. Their source file can be found on this repository.

Repositories and packages

The package selection is kept minimal to reduce the footprint of the image.

However the following repositories are already part of the image:

  • OSS
  • OSS Updates
  • Non-OSS
  • Non-OSS Updates


View the license information for the software contained in this image. Please note that individual packages installed may have their own licenses, which you also must follow. License information is available through the built-in package manager.

As with all Docker images, these likely also contain other software which may be under other licenses (such as Bash, etc from the base distribution, along with any direct or indirect dependencies of the primary software being contained).

Some additional license information which was able to be auto-detected might be found in the repo-info repository’s opensuse/ directory.

As for any pre-built image usage, it is the image user’s responsibility to ensure that any use of this image complies with any relevant licenses for all software contained within.

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