Integrating Docker Scout with other systems

By default, Docker Scout integrates with your Docker organization and your Docker Scout-enabled repositories on Docker Hub. You can integrate Docker Scout with additional third-party systems to get access to even more insights, including real-time information about you running workloads.

Integration categories

You'll get different insights depending on where and how you choose to integrate Docker Scout.

Container registries

Integrating Docker Scout with third-party container registries enables Docker Scout to run image analysis on those repositories, so that you can get insights into the composition of those images even if they aren't hosted on Docker Hub.

The following container registry integrations are available:

Continuous Integration

Integrating Docker Scout with Continuous Integration (CI) systems is a great way to get instant, automatic feedback about your security posture in your inner loop. Analysis running in CI also gets the benefit of additional context that's useful for getting even more insights.

The following CI integrations are available:

Environment monitoring

Environment monitoring refers to integrating Docker Scout with your deployments. This can give you information in real-time about your running container workloads.

Integrating with environments lets you compare production workloads to other versions, in your image repositories or in your other environments.

The following environment monitoring integrations are available

For more information about environment integrations, see Environments.

Code quality

Integrating Docker Scout with code analysis tools enables quality checks directly on source code, helping you keep track of bugs, security issues, test coverage, and more. In addition to image analysis and environment monitoring, code quality gates let you shift left your supply chain management with Docker Scout.

Once you enable a code quality integration, Docker Scout includes the code quality assessments as policy evaluation results for the repositories where you've enabled the integration.

The following code quality integrations are available:

Source code management

Integrate Docker Scout with your version control system to get guided remediation advice on how to address issues detected by Docker Scout image analysis, directly in your repositories.

The following source code management integrations are available: