Integrate Docker Scout with SonarQube

The SonarQube integration enables Docker Scout to surface SonarQube quality gate checks through Policy Evaluation, under a new Quality gates passed policy.

How it works

This integration uses SonarQube webhooks to notify Docker Scout of when a SonarQube project analysis has completed. When the webhook is called, Docker Scout receives the analysis results, and stores them in the database.

When you push a new image to a repository, Docker Scout evaluates the results of the SonarQube analysis record corresponding to the image. Docker Scout uses Git provenance metadata on the images, from provenance attestations or an OCI annotations, to link image repositories with SonarQube analysis results.


Docker Scout doesn't have access to historic SonarQube analysis records. Only analysis results recorded after the integration is enabled will be available to Docker Scout.


To integrate Docker Scout with SonarQube, ensure that:

Enable the SonarQube integration

  1. Go to the SonarQube integrations page on the Docker Scout Dashboard.

  2. In the How to integrate section, enter a configuration name for this integration. Docker Scout uses this label as a display name for the integration, and to name the webhook.

  3. Select Next.

  4. Enter the configuration details for your SonarQube instance. Docker Scout uses this information to create SonarQube webhook.

    In SonarQube, generate a new User token. The token requires 'Administer' permission on the specified project, or global 'Administer' permission.

    Enter the token, your SonarQube URL, and the ID of your SonarQube organization. The SonarQube organization is required if you're using SonarCloud.

  5. Select Enable configuration.

    Docker Scout performs a connection test to verify that the provided details are correct, and that the token has the necessary permissions.

  6. After a successful connection test, you're redirected to the SonarQube integration overview, which lists all your SonarQube integrations and their statuses.

From the integration overview page, you can go directly to the Quality gates passed policy. This policy will have no results initially. To start seeing evaluation results for this policy, trigger a new SonarQube analysis of your project and push the corresponding image to a repository. For more information, refer to the Quality gates passed policy.