Docker Scout SBOMs

As part of image analysis, Docker Scout generates a Software Bill of Material (SBOM) for your project. The SBOM uses the Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX) format.

View from CLI

To view the contents of the SBOM that Docker Scout generates, you can use the docker scout sbom command.

$ docker scout sbom [IMAGE]

By default, this prints the SBOM in a JSON format to stdout.


The JSON format produced by docker scout sbom is not SPDX-JSON. To generate SPDX, use the SBOM generator plugin for BuildKit, see Attach the SBOM as a build attestation.

Use the --format list flag to generate a human-readable output.

$ docker scout sbom --format list alpine

           Name             Version    Type
  alpine-baselayout       3.4.3-r1     apk
  alpine-baselayout-data  3.4.3-r1     apk
  alpine-keys             2.4-r1       apk
  apk-tools               2.14.0-r2    apk
  busybox                 1.36.1-r2    apk
  busybox-binsh           1.36.1-r2    apk
  ca-certificates         20230506-r0  apk
  ca-certificates-bundle  20230506-r0  apk
  libc-dev                0.7.2-r5     apk
  libc-utils              0.7.2-r5     apk
  libcrypto3              3.1.2-r0     apk
  libssl3                 3.1.2-r0     apk
  musl                    1.2.4-r1     apk
  musl-utils              1.2.4-r1     apk
  openssl                 3.1.2-r0     apk
  pax-utils               1.3.7-r1     apk
  scanelf                 1.3.7-r1     apk
  ssl_client              1.36.1-r2    apk
  zlib                    1.2.13-r1    apk

For more information about the docker scout sbom command, refer to the CLI reference.

Attach as build attestation

You can generate the SBOM and attach it to the image at build-time as an attestation. BuildKit provides a default SBOM generator which is different from what Docker Scout uses. You can swap out the default generator and replace it with the Docker Scout SBOM generator, which creates richer results and ensures better compatibility with the Docker Scout image analysis.

$ docker build --tag <org>/<image> \
  --attest type=sbom,generator=docker/scout-sbom-indexer:d3f9c2d \
  --push .


The Docker Scout SBOM generator is currently only published under the tag d3f9c2d.

The default, non-containerd image store doesn't currently support images with attestations. To build images with SBOM attestations, you can either turn on the containerd image store feature, or use a docker-container builder together with the --push flag to push the image (with attestations) directly to a registry.

Extract to file

The command for extracting the SBOM of an image to an SDPX JSON file is different depending on whether the image has been pushed to a registry or if it's a local image.

Remote image

To extract the SBOM of an image and save it to a file, you can use the docker buildx imagetools inspect command. This command only works for images in a registry.

$ docker buildx imagetools inspect <image> --format "{{ json .SBOM }}" > sbom.spdx.json

Local image

To extract the SDPX file for a local image, build the image with the local exporter and use the scout-sbom-indexer SBOM generator plugin.

The following command saves the SBOM to a file at build/sbom.spdx.json.

$ docker build --attest type=sbom,generator=docker/scout-sbom-indexer:latest \
  --output build .