Network and VM FAQs

How can I limit the type of internet access allowed by the container when it runs, to prevent it from being able to exfiltrate data or download malicious code?

There is no built-in mechanism for that but it can be addressed by process-level firewall on the host. Hook into the com.docker.vpnkit user-space process and apply rules where it can connect to (DNS URL white list; packet/payload filter) and which ports/protocols it is allowed to use.

Can I prevent users binding ports on

There is no direct way to enforce that through Docker Desktop but it would inherit any firewall rules enforced on the host.

What options exist to lock containerized network settings to a system? If not supported, are there any consequences to manipulating the settings?

The Docker network settings are entirely local within the VM and have no effect on the system.

Can I apply rules on container network traffic via a local firewall or VPN client?

For network connectivity, Docker Desktop uses a user-space process (com.docker.vpnkit), which inherits constraints like firewall rules, VPN, HTTP proxy properties etc, from the user that launched it.

Does running Docker Desktop for Windows with Hyper-V backend allow users to create arbitrary VMs?

No. The DockerDesktopVM name is hard coded in the service code, so you cannot use Docker Desktop to create or manipulate any other VM.

Can I prevent our users creating other VMs when using Docker Desktop on Mac?

On Mac it is an unprivileged operation to start a VM, so that is not enforced by Docker Desktop.

How does Docker Desktop achieve network level isolation when Hyper-V and/or WSL2 is used?

The VM processes are the same for both WSL 2 (running inside the docker-desktop distro) and Hyper-V (running inside the DockerDesktopVM). Host/VM communication uses AF_VSOCK hypervisor sockets (shared memory). It does not use Hyper-V network switches or network interfaces. All host networking is performed using normal TCP/IP sockets from the com.docker.vpnkit.exe and com.docker.backend.exe processes. For more information see How Docker Desktop networking works under the hood.