Downgrade your subscription

You can downgrade your Docker subscription anytime. When you downgrade your subscription, changes are applied immediately, and you will no longer have access to the prior services.

For example, if you are currently on a Docker Business subscription and want to downgrade to a Docker Team, your plan will change immediately. You will no longer have access to your previous service, such as Single Sign-on.

The following sections contain instructions on how to downgrade your existing Docker subscription.

Downgrade your Docker subscription


  • It is not possible to offer refunds when you downgrade an annual or monthly subscription that’s already paid for and is still active. After you have downgraded to a free plan, you can choose to reinstate your subscription if it hasn’t expired.
  • Before you downgrade to a Personal or a Free Team subscription, you must convert all private repositories to public repositories and update the organization details to reflect features available in Docker Personal or Free Team. For example, if you have a Docker Team subscription, you may need to reduce the number of team members. For information on what’s included in the subscription, see Docker Pricing.

To downgrade your subscription:

  1. Log into your Docker Hub account.

  2. Open the drop-down menu next to your username in the top-right corner and select Billing. The Billing Details page displays billing information about your existing user account.


    Ensure you have selected your Personal or Free team account on the left side of the Billing Details page.

  3. On the Change Plan page, review the information displayed in the Free section and click Downgrade.


    When prompted, review the warning displayed about downgrading your account and click Continue with Downgrade. If your account meets the requirements, the Downgrade confirmation screen will appear.

  4. Select a reason for your downgrade from the list and click Send.

  5. The Billing page displays a confirmation of the downgrade with details on when the downgrade changes will take effect.

  6. To cancel the downgrade, click Cancel the downgrade.
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