Downgrade your subscription

You can downgrade your Docker subscription at anytime before the renewal date. The unused portion of the subscription isn't refundable or creditable.

When you downgrade your subscription, changes apply immediately and you no longer have access to prior services.

Before you downgrade to a free subscription, you may need to reduce the number of team members and convert any private repositories to public repositories or delete them. For information, see Docker Pricingopen_in_new.

Downgrade your Docker subscription


If you have a sales-assisted Docker Business subscription, contact your account manager to downgrade your subscription.

  1. Sign in to your Docker Hubopen_in_new account.

  2. Select your username in the top-right corner and from the drop-down menu select Billing.

  3. Choose either your personal account or an organization to downgrade.

  4. On the Plan tab, select Change plan.

  5. On the Change Plan page, select the plan you'd like to downgrade to.

  6. Review the downgrade warning and select Continue.

  7. Optional: Select a reason for your downgrade from the list and select Send. The Billing page displays a confirmation of the downgrade with details on when the downgrade changes take effect.

If you want to cancel the downgrade, select Cancel the downgrade on the Plan tab.