Remove seats from your subscription

You can remove seats from your Team or Business subscription at anytime.

If you remove seats in the middle of the billing cycle, changes apply immediately and reflect in the next billing cycle. Any unused portion of the subscription for removed seats isn't refundable or creditable.

For example, if you receive your billing on the 8th of every month for 10 seats and you want to remove 2 seats on the 15th of the month, the 2 seats are removed immediately. Your payment for 8 seats begins the next month. If you are on the annual subscription, the 2 seats are removed immediately, and your payment for the 8 seats begins next year.

Remove seats from a monthly or an annual subscription


If you have a sales-assisted Docker Business subscription, contact your account manager to remove seats from your subscription.

  1. Sign in to your Docker Hubopen_in_new account.

  2. Select Organizations and then choose your organization.

  3. Select the Billing tab and then Remove seats.

  4. Specify how many seats you’d like to remove and then select Remove to confirm.

  5. The Billing tab confirms the seat removal and the details on when the changes take effect.

To cancel the removal of seats, select Cancel seats downgrade.