docker/dtr overview

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These are the docs for DTR version 2.1

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This tool has commands to install, configure, and backup Docker Trusted Registry (DTR). It also allows uninstalling DTR. By default the tool runs in interactive mode. It prompts you for the values needed.

Additional help is available for each command with the ‘–help’ option.


docker run -it --rm docker/dtr \
    command [command options]


installInstall Docker Trusted Registry on this Docker Engine
joinAdd a new replica to an existing DTR cluster
reconfigureChange DTR configurations
removeRemove a replica from a DTR cluster
restoreCreate a new DTR cluster from an existing backup
backupBackup a DTR cluster to a tar file and stream it to stdout
upgradeUpgrade a v2.0.0 or later cluster to this version of DTR
dumpcertsDump out the TLS certificates used by this DTR instance
imagesLists all the images necessary to install DTR
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