Docker Trusted Registry system requirements

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These are the docs for DTR version 2.3.5

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Docker Trusted Registry can be installed on-premises or on the cloud. Before installing, be sure your infrastructure has these requirements.

Software requirements

You can install DTR on-premises or on a cloud provider. To install DTR, all nodes must:

  • Be a worker node managed by Universal Control Plane.
  • Have a fixed hostname.

Ports used

When installing DTR on a node, make sure the following ports are open on that node:

in80/tcpWeb app and API client access to DTR.
in443/tcpWeb app and API client access to DTR.

These ports are configurable when installing DTR.

Compatibility and maintenance lifecycle

Docker Enterprise Edition is a software subscription that includes three products:

  • Docker Engine EE,
  • Docker Trusted Registry,
  • Docker Universal Control Plane.

Learn more about the maintenance lifecycle for these products.

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