DTR 2.3 release notes

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These are the docs for DTR version 2.3.5

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(20 November 2017)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused certain vulnerabilities to not be found during scanning.
  • Fixed a bug with downloading storage yaml file on Firefox.
  • Increased the speed of lock expiration in case of failed joins.
  • Changed storage backend to “local” when using the bootstrapper to switch to NFS.
  • Fixed the notification when toggling active status of webhooks.
  • Fixed a bug where garbage collection ran in a suboptimal mode if scheduled as a cron from the UI.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the way we untar files in uploads of the vulnerability database.
  • Fixed a bug with not backing up repository team permissions correctly.

General improvements

  • Improved resilience of garbage collection.
  • Improved logging of garbage collection.
  • Improved memory usage during backup.
  • Improved error handling when uploading invalid vulnerability databases.
  • Fail faster in case of nfs volume issues.
  • Improved resilience of DTR join operations.
  • Hide secrets on storage config pages.

DTR 2.3.4

(12 October 2017)

Bugs fixed

  • High severity
    • Fixed a bug in distribution that caused pull timeouts under load if using NFS or local storage. #2299
    • Fixed GCS configuration UI.
  • Low severity
    • Fixed missing show password button.
    • Removed incorrectly enforced length limit on repo names from UI.
    • Fixed small UI behavior and appearance inconsistencies.

DTR 2.3.3

(13 September 2017)

Bugs fixed

  • High severity:
    • Fixed issue with RethinkDB not starting correctly after restarting a DTR replica.
    • Fixed issue that prevented UCP 2.1.x from being able to pull images.
  • Low severity:
    • Improved error handling in the vulnerability scanner.
    • Fixed issue that caused webhooks not to fire when an image was automatically promoted.

DTR 2.3.2

(25 August 2017)

Bugs fixed

  • High severity:
    • Add the ability to upgrade from 2.3.0 or 2.3.1

DTR 2.3.1

(24 August 2017)

Bugs fixed

  • High severity:
    • Fixed a bug which caused upgrades to fail when upgrading from 2.2 to 2.3 when DTR was previously upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2.
    • Make it possible to install DTR when the Docker daemon has SELinux enabled.
  • Low severity:
    • In-product documentation for content cache now shows a simplified configuration format. The older configuration format is still supported for backwards compatibility.
    • When creating teams, the team name is validated in a way that’s consistent with UCP.
    • The promotion policy creating form was sometimes disabled. This has been fixed.
    • Fixed bug that made users show as inactive, when they were actually active.

Known issues

  • You can’t upgrade from 2.3.0 to 2.3.1. Please upgrade to 2.3.2 directly.

DTR 2.3.0

(16 August 2017)

New features

  • Repositories can now be marked “immutable”. Tags for images in immutable repos cannot be changed or updated.
  • You can now define promotion policies, to automatically copy images from one repository to another.
  • DTR now has UX for easily creating webhooks for events in repositories such as image pushes, scans, deletions, and promotions.
  • Added support for scanning Windows images for vulnerabilities.
  • Support was added for handling manifest-lists for multi-architecture images. This lets you manage images for different operating systems (eg. Linux and Windows) and CPU architectures (eg. x86_64 and s390x) under a single tag.
  • You can now use the web UI in Chinese.

General improvements


  • The users page is now paginated to decrease long load times.
  • Fixed the login page to be more resilient to improperly configured domain names. Now you can always use the /login URL to bypass SSO misconfiguration issues.


  • Removed requiring the --dtr-external-url flag during DTR installation.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Added extended help to the installer with the --help-extended flag.
  • We check kernel versions on install to help avoid known kernel bugs.


  • Preserve the NFS hostname instead of resolving it during DTR installation.
  • Allow using S3 compatible storage with customized certificates or without TLS verification.


  • Simplified content cache configuration.
  • Removed old, insecure 3des from the cipher list.
  • Allow refresh tokens with basic auth when using the DTR API.
  • Added the ability to rescan all previously scanned images at once.
  • Fixed issue with configs not being picked up by containers sometimes which previously required a restart of all containers.

Known issues

  • When running DTR 2.3.0 + UCP 2.1.x, UCP users cannot pull images from DTR without logging in first.
  • When using SSO with UCP 2.1.0, you have to log into DTR and UCP separately.
  • Some users are displayed as inactive when they are actually active. This only happens when using pagination, and can be fixed by refreshing the browser.
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