DTR 2.4 release notes

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(20 November 2017)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that cause certain vulnerabilities to not be found during scanning.
  • Increased speed of lock expiration in case of failed joins.
  • Fixed notification when toggling active status of webhooks.
  • Speed up detection of dead jobrunners.
  • Fixed a bug where garbage collection ran in a suboptimal mode if scheduled as a cron from the UI.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the way we untar files in uploads of the vulnerability database.
  • Fixed scanning issue with some windows images.
  • Fixed a bug with not backing up repository team permissions correctly.

General improvements

  • Improved resilience of garbage collection.
  • Improved logging of garbage collection.
  • Improved memory usage during backup.
  • Improved error handling when uploading invalid vulnerability databases.
  • Improve resilience of DTR join operations.
  • Hide secrets on storage config pages.


  • The api/v0/imagescan/layer/{layerid} endpoint is deprecated, and will be removed in DTR 2.5. You can use the /api/v0/imagescan/repositories/{namespace}/{reponame}/{tag} endpoint instead.

DTR 2.4.0

(2 November 2017)

New features

  • Upgraded to Swagger 2.0 and Swagger UI 3.0.
  • DTR can now be deployed on IBM Z (s390x architecture).
  • Updated the docker/dtr-rethink images to include rethinkcli for easier troubleshooting.
  • Notary now allows you to see audit logs using the /v2/_trust/changefeed, and /v2/<repository>/_trust/changefeed endpoints.

Bug fixes

  • When setting up periodic garbage collection, it used to run in a different, less thorough mode than when run manually. Now garbage collection always runs in the correct mode.
  • Fix error when garbage collecting manifest lists.
  • Fixed issue when reconfiguring DTR from a non-local storage to NFS, causing the change to not be persisted.
  • Backported Docker Distribution race fix. 2299
  • Reduced unnecessary logs in Jobrunner.
  • Other general reliability improvements.

Known issues

  • Backup uses too much memory and can cause out of memory issues for large databases.
  • The --nfs-storage-url option uses the system’s default NFS version instead of testing the server to find which version works.
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