IBM Softlayer

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Create machines on Softlayer.

You need to generate an API key in the softlayer control panel. Retrieve your API key.


$ docker-machine create --driver softlayer --softlayer-user=user --softlayer-api-key=KEY --softlayer-domain=domain vm


  • --softlayer-api-endpoint: Change SoftLayer API endpoint.
  • --softlayer-api-key: required API key for your user account.
  • --softlayer-cpu: Number of CPUs for the machine.
  • --softlayer-disk-size: A value of 0 will set the SoftLayer default.
  • --softlayer-domain: required Domain name for the machine.
  • --softlayer-hostname: Hostname for the machine.
  • --softlayer-hourly-billing: Specifies that hourly billing should be used, otherwise monthly billing is used.
  • --softlayer-image: OS Image to use.
  • --softlayer-local-disk: Use local machine disk instead of SoftLayer SAN.
  • --softlayer-memory: Memory for host in MB.
  • --softlayer-network-max-speed: Speed of network uplinks in Mbps (e.g., 1000, 100, 10).
  • --softlayer-private-net-only: Disable public networking.
  • --softlayer-private-vlan-id: Your private VLAN ID.
  • --softlayer-public-vlan-id: Your public VLAN ID.
  • --softlayer-region: SoftLayer region.
  • --softlayer-user: required Username for your SoftLayer account, API key needs to match this user.

The SoftLayer driver will use UBUNTU_LATEST as the image type by default.

Environment variables and default values

CLI optionEnvironment variableDefault
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