VMware Fusion

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Creates machines locally on VMware Fusion. Requires VMware Fusion to be installed.


$ docker-machine create --driver vmwarefusion vm


  • --vmwarefusion-boot2docker-url: URL for boot2docker image.
  • --vmwarefusion-cpu-count: Number of CPUs for the machine (-1 to use the number of CPUs available)
  • --vmwarefusion-disk-size: Size of disk for host VM (in MB).
  • --vmwarefusion-memory-size: Size of memory for host VM (in MB).
  • --vmwarefusion-no-share: Disable the mount of your home directory.

The VMware Fusion driver uses the latest boot2docker image. See frapposelli/boot2docker

Environment variables and default values

CLI optionEnvironment variableDefault
--vmwarefusion-boot2docker-urlFUSION_BOOT2DOCKER_URLLatest boot2docker url
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