Create a repository

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These are the docs for DTR version 2.4.3

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Since DTR is secure by default, you need to create the image repository before pushing the image to DTR.

In this example, we create the ‘golang’ repository in DTR.

Create a repository

To create a new repository, navigate to the DTR web application, and click the New repository button.

Add a name and description for the repository, and choose whether your repository is public or private:

  • Public repositories are visible to all users, but can only be changed by users granted with permission to write them.
  • Private repositories can only be seen by users that have been granted permissions to that repository.

Click Save to create the repository.

When creating a repository in DTR, the full name of the repository becomes <dtr-domain-name>/<user-or-org>/<repository-name>. In this example, the full name of our repository will be

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